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Class Action FAQs

Helpful Insight from Our Knowledgeable Class Action Lawyers

As a consumer who has been wronged, you probably want to know what rights and options you have in pursuing a lawsuit. A class action may be the correct approach if a number of people like you have been similarly harmed. At McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, our class action attorneys have been representing clients in the Inland Empire and across the U.S. in class actions involving consumer fraud, vehicle defects, employee rights, and more. We have compiled several questions and answers to shed light on this important subject, and we welcome you to call our offices at (909) 345-8110 for a free review of your unique situation.

What is a class action?

The class action mechanism allows an individual or group of individuals to sue on behalf of themselves and a larger subset of individuals who were all harmed by a company in a similar way. Class actions are an effective method for litigation when companies conceal a defect in their product, advertise their product deceptively, overbill, or refuse to honor warranties.

Class actions are often the only way for consumers to receive redress for wrongs committed by large corporations. Retaining a lawyer to prosecute a case on an individual basis can cost hundreds of dollars per hour, making it economically infeasible for most individuals to sue over a product that only costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase. In a class action, all of the individual’s claims are aggregated together, creating an economy of scale.

How many people are needed to start a class action?

You can file a class action with just one person.

How do I join a class action filed by McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP?

Unless advised otherwise, you do not need to affirmatively opt into a class action lawsuit filed by McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP. If the case is successful, and you are a class member, you will receive a notice describing the settlement or verdict. If you have questions, we welcome you to call our firm to speak with one of our professionals.

Does it cost any money to join a class action filed by your firm?

No. We handle class actions on a contingent fee basis, meaning we front all costs. If the case is successful and a recovery is obtained, McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP seeks the court’s approval to award our fees and expenses from the settlement or verdict.

How long will it take before the case is resolved?

It depends on the case. We have filed cases that have been resolved in as little as one year, and some cases that are still being litigated after five years.

Can I participate in more than one class action at a time?

Yes. As a class member or representative, you can take part in multiple class actions.

I think a corporation defrauded or scammed me. What should I do?

Because every case is different and your rights and options will vary accordingly, we recommend that you talk to an class action lawyer at our firm at your earliest convenience. We can talk to you about what has occurred and offer insight based on your specific situation.

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